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Platform for façade inspection management
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Our Mission is to

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  • Leverage AI and Robotics Technology

  • Build an intelligent platform for the higher level of (3S) Safety, Serviceability and Sustainability of built infrastructure

  • Maintain a Safer, Greener and Smarter city

About RaSpect

A compound word composed of “Raphael” (rāp̄āēl) (a Hebrew word that means healing) and “Inspection” - guiding us to build a “brain” for architectural Safety, Serviceability and Sustainability through AI inspection.

Our cutting-edge AI platform offers a revolutionary solution for properties stakeholders to enable them with strong operations competitiveness. The solution is designed for building owners, facility management and building professionals to streamline the risk assessment and to improve the quality of performance evaluation of properties.

We improved the cost-efficiency of operation by at least 50%. We provide standardisation and reliability to Government through data compliance with data security and privacy protection.  We further assimilate our customers to transit and benefit from the gradual global adoption of the Smart City initiative.

Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Building Management




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Platform for façade inspection management