Inspection Platform

for Facade Inspection

Constant assessment of building façade performance is essential in promoting safety, especially in old buildings. Traditional inspection requires manual defect detection and work at high altitude, increasing the risk of injury. Manual irregularity detection also has low efficiency, high operating cost, and has its limitations.


Building Inspection with AI Technology

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What Our Solution can Do?

One-stop easy-access platform digitalises building conditions using data. This platform aims to assist you in every stage from storing, organising, editing and reporting of an inspection project, which means a fuss-free, efficient and smooth façade inspection process. With revolutionary and scalable technology, we have transformed the way how asset management has been done.

Inspectica is

High Accuracy

Image Positioning

Platform for façade inspection management
AI-assisted defect localisation on the video-based reconstruction of façade vertical panoramic columns of a building elevation.
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AI Pre-screening Irregularities

Auto Dimensioning

Capture defect images with mobile device
AI-powered irregularities detection! for inspection prescreening. Users can modify irregularities by the given annotation tool. Auto-suggested defect dimensioning will also provide after the AI detection.
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Privacy Filter

Platform for façade inspection management
Our AI would take care of the face blurring within the uploading process, you will never have to worry about privacy issues.
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Visual and Thermal Image Compare

Side by Side

Capture defect images with mobile device
Make annotation on captured images and compare with thermal image easily.
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3D Photogrammetry

Model Navigation

Platform for façade inspection management
With the aid of 3D true-scaled modelling, you can view the full picture of your entire building inspection.
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Report Generation

Capture defect images with mobile device
With a single click, all uploaded data will be formatted into a Microsoft Word file for offline report management or further project-based customisation.
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What Our Solution can Benefit your Properties?

Inspectica is
50% Cost-Effective

than traditional approach to improve resource efficiency

50% Faster

than the traditional approach to capture data


Platform keep your inspection data and reports in the cloud storage

50% Faster

than the traditional method of report preparation workflow

Improve Efficiency

with aid of AI defect pre-screening and auto report generation

Higher Accuracy

Higher image positioning accuracy compare to other capture method

How does it work?

Inspectica is

Part of Pre-approved Lists of the CITF

The CITF is established to encourage wider adoption of innovative construction methods and new technologies in the construction industry with a view to promoting productivity, uplifting built quality, improving site safety and enhancing environmental performance.

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Customer Review

Q: What are the limitations of the traditional inspection?
We are concerned about the monetary and time cost. As the total façade area of ICC is equivalent to the size of 18 standard football pitches, a full inspection usually takes up to one year to complete. Inspectors usually must conduct façade inspections by taking the gondola. A round trip between the roof and ground approximately takes 2-3 hours, and sometimes with the weather constraints, it is rather difficult for us to keep up with schedule. For the water pump inspectors, monthly inspection is scheduled with the technical staff. The inspection results are always dependent on the subjective judgement of the inspector, which greatly reduce the traceability and accuracy of the results.
Q: In what sense did your daily workflow improve after adopting RaSpect’s solution?
With aid of the AI-powered solution, not only the monetary and time cost for a full façade inspection are reduced by at least 50%, the resource efficiency is also greatly enhanced to improve the overall workflow. Besides, the dangerous tasks, such as inspection at high altitudes, are no longer required to be performed by workers, which significantly cutdown the occupational injury risk.For the machine monitoring solutions, the IoT data is live streamed to ACE-Cloud 24x7 for anomalies detection and instant data visualisation. The real time alert system also sends out alerts to call for immediate action from technical staff. In this way, the faults can be immediately fixed to prevent further deterioration, and the inspection report can also be taken as a blueprint for us to formulate amore effective building facilities management plan.

Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Building Management




Faster Operation


Location Accuracy