1. How can I get started with your AI-powered building inspection solution?
2. How is Inspectica 2.0 different from the initial release of Inspectica?
3. Can I Sign Up with any mail address?
4. How many users can be assigned for a specific Project on Inspectica?
5. What is the data limit for Inspectica SaaS?
6. What is Inspectica 2.0 all about?
7. How does AI play a role in building inspection using Inspectica?
8. What types of buildings can be inspected using Inspectica?
9. How accurate is the AI-powered inspection process?
10. Is training required to use your product?
11. Is the data stored securely?
12. Can I customize inspection reports generated by your product?
13. Can Defect Capture App be used Offline?
14. Is Defect Capture App Available for Android?
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