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Integrate drones capability into your business operations to further streamline workflow, increase productivity, reduce occasions for risky high elevation operations, save time, money and resources.
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Building Inspection with AI Technology

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Our service covers

Inspectica is
Our service is backed by our Advanced Operator Permit for Category-B issued by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD).

Advanced Operator Permit issued by Civil Aviation Department (CAD)

Platform for façade inspection management
At RaSpect, we provide Al-powered solutions for smart city infrastructure inspection and monitoring, backed by our Advanced Operator Permit for Category-B issued by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD). With extensive hands-on experience, we are fully qualified to offer commercial or highly-skilled UAV operations in Hong Kong. Our renowned clients trust us to inspect a variety of properties, including iconic skyscrapers, new and government buildings, residential areas in both new town centers and old urban districts, as well as heritage properties throughout Hong Kong.

Cost-effective Drone Services

Capture defect images with mobile device
At Raspect, we are expanding our drone services to include a wider range of use cases beyond infrastructure inspection. We are excited to offer skilled drone operation services to both public and private organizations providing a safer and more cost-effective approach to conducting business activities. With our Advanced Operator Permit issued by the CAD, you can trust that our drone pilots are registered and equipped to provide professional and compliant operations. After each operation, we deliver a user-friendly media folder with pertinent images and videos in a timely manner.
We also have professional grade Infrared Thermography Services offered for inspection purposes.
Equipped dual camera for infrared and visual data comparison. Infrared images will be captured in a pair with the visual image to facilitate professional assessment of anomalies and risks.
We offer aerial mapping services for Orthomosaic photogrammetry maps and 3D models.
Automatic Drone Parachute Safety System. Third party insurance up to USD 5M is included.
Cost effective drone services
Drone Services

What we cover for Drone Operations

Platform for façade inspection management
Raspect's Drone Consulting Service package enables private and public organizations to seamlessly integrate drone technology into their business operations, resulting in streamlined workflow. Increased productivity, and reduced need for risky high-elevation operations. This not only saves time and money, but also valuable resources. Our drone operations cover a wide range of areas, including:
Inspection of new or old buildings
Property repossession inspection
Real estate unit inspection • Bridge inspection
Pylon tower inspection
High-quality video production or panoramic photography for any business occasion where drone operation fits
Customized aerial services for enterprise events such as conventions, conferences special promotions, and more
Our goal is to provide comprehensive drone services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients

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From building façade to smart building comprehensive monitoring , RaSpect Inspectica™ maintain your properties in their best performance, brought to you a sustainable insight to transform building management process.

Commercial Building

Curtain Wall Inspection

We conducted curtain wall inspection for commercial buildings. With aid of the AI-powered solution the monetary and time cost for a full façade inspection are reduced by at least 50%.

Residential Building

Stone Cladding Inspection

We conducted drone façade data captured services on the stone cladding of residential buildings.
Data were post-processed according to location and were delivered within several days.

Construction Site

New Build Inspection

A vertical region of the block with cladding was inspected for a construction site. The main objective is to conduct a quick scan of the façade in order to fix the problem in time.

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