DefectCapture™ is a handy tool for building inspectors to access from anywhere, online and offline. It helps your team complete on-site inspections smoothly by collecting data on just one device. It syncs your project data to Inspectica™ seamlessly for the export of detailed inspection reports and further project management.


Building Inspection with AI Technology

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What Our Solution can Do?

It offers you a clean and easy-to-use interface for your work. With a few clicks to capture and annotate your findings, you can focus on the upcoming tasks.

Inspectica is

Seamless transmission from mobile app to cloud system

Platform for façade inspection management
All layout plans, elevation drawings and related documents are grouped into just one place in the platform. Users can open the uploaded plans and drawings by DefectCapture™ on-the-go.
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Data collection with location

Marked location on selected building drawing while capturing potential defects
Capture defect images with mobile device
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Quick Annotation

Platform for façade inspection management
Support annotations based on Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS) recommended inspection scope and requirements.
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Central photo album

Capture defect images with mobile device
An overview of all captured data on one page. Captured data will be synced back to Inspectica™ after on-site survey for further handling. Change to offline operation if the network signal is too weak for real time synchronisation.
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What Our Solution can Benefit your Properties?

Inspectica is
50% Cost-Effective

than traditional approach to improve resource efficiency

50% Faster

than traditional data capture approach to speed up the flow of operation


Platform with 100% keep your data and report in the cloud storage


Synchronisation from mobile to web to reduce data lost

Support MBIS

with MBIS defect list for inspectors to annotate defect on-site


than other handheld machine with easier image positioning soultion

How does it work?

Part of Pre-approved Lists of the CITF

The CITF is established to encourage wider adoption of innovative construction methods and new technologies in the construction industry with a view to promoting productivity, uplifting built quality, improving site safety and enhancing environmental performance.

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Per Project
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Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Building Management




Faster Operation


Location Accuracy